Monday, February 3, 2014

Bayswater Point State Park

Plane taking off.In our quest to visit new places during weekends we found Bayswater Point State Park on a map. The park is only a 20 minutes ride from us, but what makes it unusual is the fact that it is located right across the water from JFK International Airport.

Alёna and her mom.Our first visit there was on December 22, 2013 — just a bit over a month ago. This Saturday we went back again. First time around I brought my 70-200mm lens with me and this time around I attached my 2x teleconverter to it to increase its reach to 400mm for some nice airplane shots.

Building a tower.JFK being JFK there are planes coming up and down non-stop. The plane that I like the most is Boeing 747, but I didn’t get any taking off on our 2nd trip. But I did get a couple of nice shots anyhow.

Us.Meanwhile Arosha loves playing with pebbles and shells. Last time he was running around and throwing all that stuff into the water. This time the water was frozen solid, so he decided to build a tower instead. And Anюta just sleeps well outside.

Using this as a wallpaper on my phone.All in all an usual place to visit. The only thing is that I keep underestimating how cold it is going to be near the water and end up freezing. Alёna keeps telling me to wear a certain thing and I think I know better. I really don’t. Should listen to my wife.

Alёna.P.S. I’m keep thinking of upgrading my Sigma 70-200mm to Nikon’s version one day. Although I don’t use it often it can create some unique shots because of its reach. However contrast and sharpness leaves a lot to be desired.

Boeing 747 landing.
Boeing 747 taking off. Taken during our first visit.

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