Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year Gifts

It’s already been 3 weeks since the New Year and we still haven’t made a short “gifts” post that we wanted to make. As always there was a ton of gifts. Here are just some of the ones that we got.

Wusthof Classic knives.For Alёna we finally got a really nice yet small set of knives to replace some “As seen on TV” mega set that we had. Instead of getting a ton of cheap useless knives we got a set of 4 with the main knife being Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife. The difference between what we had and this knife is immense. It becomes very obvious by just holding it — the weight, the balance. Alёna is very happy with them. Now we need to master the art of sharpening.

Swords.For Arosha we got a spinning top and a sword. He keeps playing with “swimming noodles” made out of foam and uses them as swords. So we thought he would like an actual toy sword. And he did. It’s a very nicely made foam sword. Later on we got another one in the mail that we ordered for New Year, but it didn’t come in time. We also didn’t think it was good enough. But he likes this foamy thing too, so we kept it. He also got a ton of games and toys from grandparents.

Japanese winter socks.And I got a set of AMG pedal covers that I posted about before and expanded my collection of designer, Japan made, winter socks. The pair with Elk I had since last winter, the rest are new. I love them. Worm, cozy and spices up your look nicely. J.Crew has a really nice selection, but the good ones are often out of stock.

And the last, but not least is a tear-off calendar made by Social Print Studio from our Instagram photographs taken during 2013. I printed one of these as a gift for Alёna last year and Arosha, Alёna and I enjoyed it a lot. The first thing Arosha would do every morning would go and tear a page off to see what the next one is. Calendar prints out in a random order, so you never know what kind of memory it’s going to bring up the next day.

Tear-off calendar from Social Prints Studio.This year however they added a feature where they would come out in sorted order and a person could rearrange them any way they wanted. However “Randomize” function was gone. Doing 365 random shifts would not be a small task and without random order it would take out half the fun. So I sent a good number of requests via Twitter to them and they kept saying that it was going to be back.

Time was running out and I started considering writing a Chrome plug-in to just do it myself, but it seemed like a big waste of time since it was a much easier thing to do on the backend. And when I was about to give up hope I got a Twitter message that “Randomize” was back! I ordered the calendar the same day and I received in on December 31st, right on time. It came out great — just like last year. So we’re shooting Instagram as much as we can to have a new set of 365 pictures for the next year. What an awesome product from SPS.

Arosha with his new sword.I slightly regret not doing this for the last couple of years. Maybe we need to do some catch up on the ones that stand out and we still use daily from previous New Years.

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