Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good Timing

Our M-Class braving the storm.It looks like we timed well our truck purchase. This winter is proving to be quite snowy already and there is no way I would’ve been able to get home yesterday if I was driving a rear-wheel-drive car. From many years of experience — if it’s snowing — you let the car sit. It is quite hard to get it around the block, forget about 60 mile commute.

Solid ice.I have claimed for years that there is zero need for me to have an all-wheel-drive car, but yesterday it sure felt nice to be in a car with a grip of 4MATIC — Mercedes-Benz implementation of all-wheel-drive. I think I do not want any other car without this option. Even little C-Class that we had for several days came with it and I felt really comfortable driving it in the snow.

Needs a wash.The car performed well all around. It felt like my personal little fortress — calm, warm, stable and rather well self-driving while stuck in traffic thanks to Distronic. So far I’m very happy. However at the moment our MB must be the dirtiest car in all of Brooklyn.
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