Saturday, November 23, 2013

Arosha and Cones

Arosha and cones. Cheesequake State Park. End of October.About two months ago we were in a park for a walk. Arosha collected a huge bundle of walnuts that have fallen from a tree and when it was time to go home refused to part with them.

At Cheesequake Park.We told him to put his pile down by a tree and some squirrel will find it and will be very very happy that somebody did all the work for it. Making a squirrel happy seemed like a very good proposition, so Arosha agreed to leave his walnuts behind.

Cones. Flushing Meadows Park. Today.Ever since then he is constantly piling up nuts, acorns and cones whenever he finds them in order to help the squirrels. Now we don’t have the heart to break it to him that they don’t really need his help and all his piles of goods are never going to get used.

Flushing Meadows Park.Today he was doing the same during our walk in Flushing Meadows Park. He had a full bucket of cones when he spotted a squirrel. He started running after it and squirrel in turn was running away from him. And he was running and screaming, “Little squirrel, why are you leaving, I got all the cones for you!” Или, “Белочка, ты куда, я тебе шишек принес!”

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