Friday, October 18, 2013

Apple Orchard

Us at apple orchard.Our previous weekend was great. We had a bit of a tradition going during the past several years to go to an apple orchard at least once during autumn to do some apple picking. This year with an arrival of another little unit we figured we’ll be unable to do so.

Picking apples.But last week I had an urge to actually do just that. And Alёna wholeheartedly agreed with the plan. There would be no way that we would even think about attempting something like that when Arosha was 2 weeks old. I found a place located in New Jersey some 50 miles away from us called Eastmont Orchard.

Arosha.And it all went really well. Anechka slept the whole way there and most of the time there in her stroller. Arosha had a blast picking apples and tasting a lot of different kinds. At one point we found a patch of Brussels sprouts and Arosha kept taking a bite from a sport then a bite from an apple and so on. We came back with over 30 pounds of apples.

Анюта.There was also a big field filled with pumpkins. When Anyuta woke up, Alёna went back to the car to feed her — it really nice to have a “field kitchen” with you all the time. Meanwhile Arosha and I went back to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins. We picked a medium sized one that we might make a Halloween carving out of and Arosha picked out a small one which Alёna cooked.

Feeding.Arosha also picked up a bunch of gourds to decorate our apartment with. Which he did. And now he comes over to look at them and comments how well the decoration came out and how beautiful our apartment looks now.

Pumpkins!On the way back we even stopped by a local Friday’s for a nice family lunch. Anna slept through most of it. After lunch, while Arosha and I were finishing our food up Alёna went back to our car and fed Anyuta again. All in all she might have cried for 30 seconds after we started our drive home, but as soon as the car started moving she fell asleep again.

Apples and I.We even managed to stop by a cobbler in Brooklyn to pick up some shoes that we left there a week before. When we got home we had time to eat lunch before Anyuta woke up. And all this sleeping during the day didn’t affect her night sleep either. Basically as far as sleeping and traveling goes she is the opposite of what Arosha was when he was her age. And at his 3 years of age Arosha is a lot of fun to do things with. I’m really glad that things are going so well the second time around.

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