Monday, October 7, 2013

Arthur Von Briesen Park

Big brother.Today we had a full new family excursion. We packed our things, grabbed our kids and drove to Staten Island to a small quite park right across the bridge.

Autumn is here!We are much braver the second time around and it seems to be that Anna is a much calmer child than Arosha was at the same age.

Alёna.The park was great. There was not a soul there when we arrived. The early autumn is here and it is beautiful. Patches of yellow leaves on green grass make a very serene setting.

Daniеl.Arosha was happy to push Anna’s around in her stroller, run around the yellow leaves, picking up random sticks and proclaiming them his lightsabers and making up all kinds of games.

Arosha.Anna peacefully slept most of the time. When we were ready to leave she woke up, so Alёna feed her for 30 minutes and she was sound asleep again.

Family.We also had our camera with us so we took tons of pictures. I think a lot of them came out well, but I’m going to post just some. A little bit of all of us. Can’t wait for Annushka to grow up just a little bit so we could start doing a lot of family travel!

Alёnushka and Annushka.

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