Sunday, September 1, 2013

37 Weeks

Us at Brooklyn Botanical Garden.I am 37 weeks into my pregnancy today. The baby is considered to be full term now, although I would prefer it to stay in for at least another two weeks.

By Botanical Garden.All is going well. I feel fine and don’t have any major issues. I am not sure if my varicose veins are getting worse, but if they are, it’s a slow process. I do feel more tired, but it’s only natural, so no complaints here. When humidity is high, it gets a little harder to breathe, but luckily this summer is relatively nice. I think when I was pregnant with Arosha, average temperature and humidity were higher. Of course, I did not have to spend as much time outside as I do now, so the last few weeks of pregnancy were easier to handle.

Unit #1.I still think I’ll gain less weight this time around. So far I am up around 20-22 lbs, and with Arosha I gained 35 lbs. I hope it’ll be a little easier to loose them after birth.

37 weeks.I did not really had any cravings in the beginning of the pregnancy, but now for some unknown reason I am tempted to eat something sweet every day. I try not to give in, but often eat a small ice-cream or a few candies on a daily basis. Makes me feel a bit guilty, but the craving is so strong, and I don’t think my diet should be as strict as in the first two trimesters, so…

Botanical Garden.I can feel the baby hiccuping every day now. I think this started a week or two ago. It’s cute. She also is quite an active baby, and I feel her moving pretty often, especially at night. Her movements feel a bit different than Arosha’s. I guess, a lot depends on the position of placenta, of the baby, etc, etc. By the way, when I went for a sonogram at around 35 weeks, her weight estimate placed her in the 32nd percentile. I remember that with Arosha he was always around 50th. Wonder if she’ll indeed be smaller.

Us.We are still not 100% set on the name. Maybe when we’ll actually see her, it’ll become more clear.

Favorite past-time — book reading.Arosha still sleeps in the room with us, and he really likes it. We have decided that when the baby will arrive, we’ll keep this arrangement, and instead of the crib, she’ll sleep in the portable play yard, which we bought a while ago for travel purposes. I don’t know how well this will work — I guess, a lot will depend on the amount of newborn crying and Arosha’s tolerance for it — but hopefully everyone will be happy. As I mentioned, part of the reason is that Arosha really loves sleeping in the same room with us, and I don’t want him to feel that his little sister took his place; another part of it is that Arosha sleeps better when he is with us. I am actually getting more sleep ever since he moved in — instead of 7 a.m. he usually gets up after 8.

Running.So I am pretty sure that in a few weeks we’ll see our little girl. I am in no rush, since the first few months with Arosha were probably the hardest time in my life, but it’ll be nice to stop being pregnant if for no other reason than getting back superior bladder control.

Vika and Ignat.P.S. The pictures here are from the last week. We went to Botanical Garden with Vika, Ignat and Alisa, and had such a great time!
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