Wednesday, July 24, 2013

31 and a Half Weeks

Our little baby will be 32 weeks in a day. Less than two months to go before my due date.

It got a bit harder for me in the last two weeks. I feel more tired again, just like in the first trimester. Also, I often experience shortness of breath. It’s not too bad, but this experience is new to me. My knee hurt really badly yesterday, but luckily it was much better today.

31 and a half weeks.Still, I think as far as pregnancies go, I got a pretty easy one. I think with Arosha I felt better, but on the other hand, I spent most of my days just sitting inside an air-conditioned office, while now I have to go out in the heat and spend hours chasing Arosha around.

By the way, I passed my three hour glucose test, although just barely. There were four blood draws, and one of them was abnormal. If two sugar levels were high, I would have failed. I found my one hour test results of Arosha’s pregnancy, and they were significantly lower than this time around. I think I eat even less sugar now than before (and mostly healthy kind of carbs), so it’s just my body reacting to the pregnancy differently. But again — I’m lucky not to have gestational diabetes, so no complains here.

I think we are fairly sure how we’ll name our daughter. Anything can happen, but I’m happy that we have a name which all of us like, or at least are OK with.

I feel excited and a little worried when I think of the times ahead. I hope for an uncomplicated delivery, and I also hope that the first few months will be easier, at least in regards to taking care of the little one, than they were with Arosha. I am worried that it will be hard for Arosha to adjust to the decreased amount of attention from me, and I just hope that he won’t be too jealous. I think it’ll be fun for him to have a playmate when she’ll grow a little older, but I understand how infants could be quite boring for 3 year olds.

We have most of the stuff that we need. Danya’s mom ordered a whole bunch of baby clothes and blankets. We have a good crib, stroller, changing pad, scale, etc, etc. We even have bottles, although I plan to breastfeed this baby as well. What we need to buy is a car seat. Ours was hand-me-down, and would have expired this August. I passed it down to an acquaintance when Arosha outgrew it, so at least it got more use and we did not just throw it out. I think they discontinued the one that we had, so I have to do a little research before buying. We also decided not to get a bassinet this time around. It was only useful for about two months, and I think that we can leave without (I passed down our old one).
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