Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven Lakes

Autumn on Lake Kanawauke.Yesterday was yet another nice warm autumn day. Alёna, Arosha, my dad and I decided to use it wisely and ended up spending it in the area of Seven Lakes which is located not far north from New York. Even though it is only 60 miles away getting there is not easy as it is on the most opposite corner of New York City from us and we have to drive through it all. And driving through New York is never quick.

By Lake Welch.However it was worth it. The colorful autumn is in its peak. The drive along Palisades Parkway is beautiful. The road is tightly hugged by forest on the both sides and on a sunny day it’s all painted in bright reds, yellows, orange and everything in between. Seven Lakes area itself was beautiful as well — colorful trees reflecting in the water.

Alёna and Arosha.Arosha had a great time running through the dried autumn leaves on the ground, but the best part was the discovery of recently used char coals in somebody’s fire pit. He would throw the leaves into it and the fire would pick up and Arosha would look at it, smile, add more leaves and so on. I think he spent at least 30 minutes doing that and was totally fascinated by the whole process.

Lake Welch.I took the chance to capture some of the colors on “film”. I tried taking a number of long exposure shots, but ended up disliking all of them in the end — too much detail gone. I’m attaching my favorite non-long-exposure shots of the bunch to this post. All of these were taken on my wide-angle lens at 16mm.
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