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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pork Chops with Cranberries

I planned to cook pork with ginger and apples for today’s dinner, but the store was out of ginger. So I bought a bag of fresh cranberries instead (they were conveniently located underneath an empty ginger box) and figured that there must be some pork-apples-and-cranberries recipe on the net.

Not surprisingly, there are many. I picked this one, but enhanced it to my taste. It came out better than I expected. I will cook it again (hence the post)! So here is what I used: Continue Reading
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lee Filters Set

Old pier on Rockaway. 10-stop ND and 2-stop soft GND.Last summer I have managed to misplace a couple of my graduated neutral density (GND) filters that I have acquired years ago and was using for my landscape photography. My original set was made by Cokin (P) which was just OK, but not exactly perfect. I decided to take this opportunity and take my filter kit to the next level.

LEE filter set.After doing some research I decide to go with LEE — a company based in UK that has made a name for itself it in professional photo filters. The problem is that all of their stuff is handmade and they just can not keep up with demand. None of the major stores had ANYTHING in stock, but after reading a lot of good things about a New Hampshire based reseller — 2filter, I decided to give my business to them.

Filter holder with a single filter attached to a lens.I placed my order in August of 2011 and thus put myself on a waiting list. They are very quick to reply to any communications and keep everyone updated with progress of shipments from LEE on their Facebook page. It’s been a while, but this past Friday I’ve gotten the last piece of my order from them. Can’t stress enough how good they’ve been and if you need filters — I wouldn’t hesitate for a second and do business with them.

Back side of Big Stopper filter. The foam prevents any light from leaking in during a long exposure.Without any further ado I present my new LEE setup — LEE 100mm filter holder (can hold up to 3 filters), LEE wide angle 77mm adapter ring, LEE 4×6 3-stop hard GND, LEE 4×6 2-stop soft GND and the famous LEE Big Stopper — a 10-stop 4×4 glass ND filter. The Big Stopper was actually the biggest hold up — it’s the item that I got this Friday.

Marine Parkway Bridge to Rockaway. 10-stop ND and 2-stop soft GND.At this point I didn’t really have a lot of chances to experiment due to weather, but I was able to take some experimental shots yesterday in the morning. These are not very impressive, but should give a sense of a feeling what can be achieved with these. Big Stopper filter is the most interesting of the bunch. Our trip next week should provide a good opportunity for some great landscape shots.

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