Friday, February 10, 2012

Arosha — 18 Months

In his toy kingdom.On Wednesday our son turned 18 months. That’s one and a half years already! Time sure flies. He is so big compared to how he used to be; or better yet, he is so big compared to how he used to NOT be. But who am I kidding — he is still so little, so close to the start line of his adventures, so in the beginning of the process of learning. Our little sunny boy.

Reading a book with mama.Things are changing every day and it’s hard for me to keep track of what happened when.

He is starting to say some words consisting of two different syllables: Даня, кана (Оксана), Таня, домa, sorry.

He’s got total of 12 teeth.

Arosha and Daniеlla.He loves his friend Daniеlla and they play more and more with each other on the playground. Just the other day I asked him to show Daniеlla how he can climb up on a slide, and he took her hand, lead her to a slide and climbed it. He continues calling her “Ге-Ге” and when he is running around the playground, he keeps calling her name whenever he thinks she is not following. When we come to the playground and she is not there, Arosha usually gets upset and starts calling her name and looking for her (it takes him some time to come to terms that she is absent).

Grabbing donkey's ear.His new obsession is washing his hands, or rather playing with water in the sink. He says “ru” (руки=hands) and rubs his hands together as if washing them to let me know he’d like to “wash” his hands.

Touching the nose.I am still breastfeeding, still 3 times a day. He actually asks for it more often, but I try to offer him something else (like juice) and try to distract him. He loves nursing so much, and I think we might have a difficult time weaning when the time comes.

We had a few days of snow at the end of January, and Aroshka got to play in it a bit. I am not sure how much he liked it, but now he definitely knows what it is. He calls it “se” (from “sneg”).

Reaching for the goat.We also went to the Staten Island Zoo again. Aroshka was definitely interested in the trip as a whole, although he paid equal (if not greater) attention to stones and twigs and other little things. Animals were not as interesting to him as we have expected. I guess, he is still very young.

Sliding.Aroshka has three favorite songs at the moment, and all of them are related to Christmas tree: Маленькой ёлочке холодно зимой, В лесу родилась ёлочка and Ёлочка-ёлка лесной аромат. We watch them on YouTube while he eats his dinner and he also asks me to sing them while he is nursing at bedtime.

Climbing onto the slide by himself.We went to Ignat birthday’s party at the end of January, and he had a chance to play a little bit with their daughter Alisa. I made 3 short videos (15-45 seconds each) and they are among his favorite at the moment. He says “Eu-Eu” (that’s Alisa in his language) and points at my phone multiple times a day (I do let him watch some self-made videos from my phone 1-3 times a day).

Sliding down by himself.Aroshka also LOVES to pretend that he is talking on the phone. He would put some object (a toy, a cup, a book, an actual phone, his empty hand, etc) to his ear and say “Yo-yo” (алё-алё). Then he would hand me the object and say “pa-pa”, meaning that papa is on the phone and he would like to talk to me. He wants me to pretend that I speak to Danya, and he listens very attentively to my “dialogue”.

We’ll be going for some immunization in a week, so I’ll post an update with Aroshka’s weight and height later on. He seem to be pretty tall for his age.

Listening to one of his favorite songs and clapping.One of his new favorite words is “сям” (сам=myself). Every time he wants to do something without my help, like climbing up and down the stairs, drinking tea from a cup, sliding down from the high slide on the playground, he keeps saying “syam” “syam” “syam”. It’s the cutest thing!
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