Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Complicated Word

So I’ve been pestering Arosha by trying to make him say a word that consists of at least 2 different syllables. He has been saying mama, papa and baba for a long time now. For the other word he just picks the syllable that the accent falls on and keeps using that. So I’ve been teaching him to say a word duck (utka) with no luck.

Yesterday I come home and get the news with a video bonus. Alёna has been talking to my parents and they were speaking out my name. Arosha heard it and started repeating it. Alёna got her phone out and made a video. So of all the words the first word with multiple syllables he started saying is my name.

In the video he is not quite sure what he is saying, but today when I ask him what my name is he keeps replying correctly — Даня.
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