Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bu and Gee

On our way back from the orchard.We’re going to Japan in exactly one month! I can’t believe it! As you might know, our biggest worry in terms of the upcoming vacation was that Aroshka gets the majority of his liquids directly from my breast. He refuses a bottle from me and actually got really upset and kind of mad at me when I tried to feed him from the bottle last week.

In the park near our home.I’ve been expressing a little bit of milk each day starting from September (got about 100 oz so far) so he’ll have about 16 oz of milk for each day of our vacation. But the issue of how to compel him to drink it (and if he will drink milk that was frozen at all) was really driving me nuts. So this past Saturday brave Aroshka’s grandma decided to try to put him to sleep at night and also to feed him after he wakes up in the morning. The good thing is that he has finally started sleeping through the night, but we were not sure how he’ll do without the breast before bed.

In Williamsburg.To make the long story short, everything went great! He drank 4 oz of milk before bed and 6 oz in the morning. It was a little bit of struggle in the beginning, but nothing as bad as I was imagining. This put everybody’s mind (especially mine and grandma’s) at ease. This whole situation made me feel kind of pressured to somehow make Aroshka stop liking breastfeeding (and he LOVES it), but now I am relaxed and can enjoy it to the fullest again.

Ceiling fan. Fascinating.Overall I want to say that Aroshka is at such a great age right now. He is sweet and funny and learns new things each day. He calls his grandma “bu” (from “бабуля”) and his grandpa “gee” (not sure why). He also started giving longer “speeches” in the past few days, which go something like this: “Dibu-dibu-dibu-dibu-dibu-dib”. It’s hilarious! He also learned how to clap, and I really like it when he does it. His favorite song is “Танец Маленьких Утят” and he always dances when he hears it.

Walking on grass in Cheesequake State Park.Two weeks ago we went to some NJ state park and then to the apple orchard. Aroshka had so much fun! He’s got a taste for apples, and during our walk he bit into 4 different apples. He also liked bright orange pumpkins — he sat on them, he hugged them, he ran from one to another… It was fun!

Sitting on a pumpkin.And this past Sunday we went to the Williamsburg Flea Market and then to David’s Restaurant. Aroshka kept picking up small pebbles from the ground and tried to eat them from time to time. When it came to actual food, he was very adventurous too — he ate some chicken noodle soup, a few rings of fried calamari, pickled cucumbers, rice with a bit of spicy curry sause, and Peking duck along with some scallions and cucumbers which are usually served with the bird.

He is still fascinated with the fan in the laundry room in our building. We make trips there multiple times each day and he says “kru” (крутится), makes a circular motion with his right hand and blows air. When we went to the mall last week, he similarly got extremely interested in the working escalator. We spend a good amount of time watching how it moves.

Last Saturday we went to Zhanna’s youngest daughter birthday party, which was held in some kind of kid’s entertainment center. Aroshka was not sure what to make of it at first, but pretty quickly his curiosity won over his fear, and he went exploring things. He especially liked bouncing and walking in some plastic thingy where you can’t get hurt when you fall (I climbed in there with him).
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