Monday, May 23, 2011

Japan Trip

Our planned route.Yesterday we finally did something that we wanted to do for a long long time now — we booked a trip to Japan for our 5th wedding anniversary. My mom graciously agreed to look over Arosha for the duration of our vacation. We expect this to be one of our most unique vacations to this point. We’ve traveled all over U.S., been to Canada, Mexico and even Ukraine. And even though we had many amazing vacations nothing has been as “foreign” to us as Japan will be.

The plan is very simple in theory. Only practice will show how well we’ll fair in the country where we don’t speak the native language. We’re flying1 out on November 18th on a non-stop flight to Tokyo. We’ll spend 2 nights2 there and will catch a bullet train to Osaka where we’ll spend the other 6 nights3 of our vacation. From Osaka we plan to visit Kyoto, Nara, Mount Koya, Kobe and maybe we’ll make a day trip to Hiroshima. We’ll fly back home from Osaka4 on November 27th.

We have managed to cover all our hotel costs with our Hilton points. When you stay a stretch of the time at a single place the price goes down, hence 6 nights in Osaka. Now we need to do a LOT of reading and figuring out when, how and what we’ll do when we’re there. Maybe learn Japanese ahead of the trip?

P.S. Maybe Sasha and Misha will join us. They are researching the prices for hotels now.

  1. American Airlines and Japan Airlines for $2359.20 round trip for the two of us. []
  2. Conrad Tokyo for 100,000 points for 2 nights or $984 per night. []
  3. Hilton Osaka for 157,500 points for 6 nights or $483 per night. []
  4. Plane change in Tokyo, then non-stop flight to NYC. []
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