Friday, May 20, 2011

First Shoes

First shoes.Today Arosha has gotten his first pair of shoes. All this time to this point he was doing fine with his super warm winter socks, but as the time went one he turned from somebody whose only skill was laying still, eating and pooping into a small human who wants to explore everything.

Arosha in a local park.These are nothing special. Just a pair of summer shoes that we could pick out at a local Payless. With the rate he’s growing he’ll grow out of them in a short amount of time — 3-4 months maybe? It still is a memorable event. Maybe it will be fun for him to go back in time and see his first pair of shoes.

One shoe is already gone. Luckily we saw this maneuver this time.Next trick is to teach him that shoes are good. He seems to be pretty good at kicking them off along with his socks.

Testing out a local bench.I’m so glad I took a picture of his foot against my hand when he was only one week old. It’s much bigger now.
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