Thursday, November 25, 2010


KindleOne of the things I wanted for my birthday was Kindle. We were planning to order it as a gift from Danya after my birthday party celebration with the family and friends. Well, it turned out that Maruks thought that I’d enjoy having a book reader, the only difference was that they picked a competing product — Nook. Since they are very close friends (and I really had my mind set on Kindle) ) I felt comfortable asking them if they can return Nook and get me a Kindle instead. They were very kind to do just this (well, they actually gave me enough money to buy a Kindle, a nice high-end case for it and a few books). Thank you, Maruks!

Book in KindleI’ve got everything in the mail yesterday. So far I love the product! The thing which makes it especially great is a built in dictionary — all you need is just to put a cursor on a word, and the explanation will pop out either on top or at the bottom of the screen. Isn’t it awesome — especially for us, ESL people? I also love the case, which is made from quality pumpkin colored leather and has a little flash light which is powered by Kindle itself and does not require a battery of its own (so I don’t need to have any additional light to read when it is dark).

KindleKindle itself is very light-weight and I can easily hold in with one hand (while the other one is occupied — for example when I am feeding Arosha), and not having to turn actual pages also makes it so convenient to handle. I think that I’ll be able to read much more than I currently do. Good job, Amazon! )
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