Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

New bedroom carpet.We keep adding or changing small things at our place. Wanted to post a couple of shots of the latest changes. Luckily for me and not so luckily for him — Andrey was staying at our place for this modification. We are very grateful for his help.

Padded carpet covering 100% of the floor of our bedroom.The first one is done in preparation for family expansion. We decided to cover 100% of our bedroom floor with a thick carpet and padding. This should cut down on some noise and if the neighbors are still not happy — it’s not our problem anymore — we’ve done what the rules require. Even though it might not look as great as hardwood floors we think it gives us a peace of mind and that’s more important. Plus it actually did make the room cozier.

Half of the mirror installed. You can see how big the difference is.Another one is a small improvement to the living room wall unit. We inserted a pair of mirrors into the areas with glass doors. This was my parents’ idea and it sure made the whole interior look much brighter.

Both parts of the mirror installed. Hard to capture on the photo because glass reflects as well.Turns out there are tons of mirror shops around and we got ours cut precisely to 1/8th of an inch several blocks away from our place for something like $90 or so. I think it’s a big improvement.
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