Friday, May 28, 2010

Hallway PAX

Reflection in the mirror.Here’s a follow-up to my previous week’s post about some furniture updates that we’re doing to our apartment. We’ve put everything in the hallway together over the weekend and even made another trip to IKEA for some internal organizers, since PAX wardrobes themselves come completely empty.

Hallway PAXI ended up with way too many pictures, but it presents the new house “mod” from all the angles.

View from the living room.Overall we added 3 PAX units — a pair of 2-doored ones and a single slim 1-door unit. In between these we added a BESTA unit, similar Internal style to our living room setup to keep keys, mail and sunglasses on once you come in.

We also ended up replacing our chandelier that we had in the hallway. One of the doors would not open fully with the old one. Also because of the size of the PAX wardrobes one part of the hallway became quite dark. We ended up getting a set of 5 lights arranged in a pretty much straight slim line. This way we can direct the light evenly throughout the hallway and it resolved the problem with the door not opening fully.

Another angle. Looking through the mirror.We also added a big nice mirror, something that Alёna has dreamed for quite a long time now. In the old place of ours we had a pair of weird, wavy mirrors on the wall, but they weren’t very good and we managed to lose them somehow during our move.

Little PAX for little-one.As you can see this adds tons of storage space. Finally we don’t have to keep shoes all over the hallway in massive disarray and have a place to hide all kinds of miscellaneous junk that we had lying all over. The little closet is going to be fully dedicated to the little one that is arriving in a very near future.
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