Thursday, May 20, 2010

Storage Space

New IKEA Besta unit in one corner and the table in the other.We’re at it again — apartment redesign. This time though we’re just adding some finishing touches to what we started in October of last year.

Corner looks empty without the new unit. And the curtains add a lot too.We wanted to fill up the corner that was occupied by our monster TV earlier, but now with the expected arrival of a 4th family member we figured we need to better utilize the space in our hallway as well. And as the last time we started with some planning in Google SketchUp.

Planning sketch.Then with a huge help from Misha over the weekend we started implementing the plan. Misha drove us to IKEA in his minivan and back and helped me carry all the stuff upstairs. Some of it was just incredibly heavy that there is no way I would be able to do any of it by myself.

Hallway with planned IKEA PAX units.At this point the living room is updated and the hallway is waiting for its turn, which is going to be this upcoming weekend. The table has also been relocated to its new place in the living room.
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