Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shublik Videos

Here’s are 3 shorts clips with Shublik being Shublik, that I promised to post earlier this week.

Here he’s playing with a birthday balloon. First couple of days he was terrified of it and would hide at a first sight of the balloon. He kept trying to attack the thread, the balloon would get pulled down, bounce back up and make a sound hitting the ceiling. He eventually got used to it and kept running around the apartment with a thread in his teeth. One day we found the balloon stuck under our bed. How? I don’t know.

Normal cats are usually pretty afraid of the vacuum cleaners. This one is always trying to attack ours. He doesn’t mind being vacuumed either.

And this is just Shublik running after his favorite toy — a feather, or rather what’s left of it. He finds it more fun to rip the feather out and run after a little red thing that’s left — I guess it’s more challenging that way. Feather is too big and too easy to catch.
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