Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year 2010

Наша ёлка.My favorite and biggest family holiday of the year is behind us, yet again. Year after year, decade after decade.

Папа и Мама.This time Lina, for the first time ever was not celebrating it with us. She greeted the new year with Lenny and his family.

Папа и тётя Лиля.Before the New Year we ate a god knows how many course dinner — my mom can never help herself and cook a little. Talked about the last year and the last decade1. The last decade probably had the largest number of changes that affected my life the most — meeting my wife being the biggest of them all.

Даня и Алёна.It was a good year, a good decade and I really hope our family can enjoy many more.

  1. Yes, I know that the actual decade is not yet over, but for the sake of turning over 2 digits, it is. []
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