Monday, December 7, 2009

Hawaii — Pools and Luau

Sunday was a day when we did some relaxing. We had luau1 reservation so we didn’t want to drive anywhere. In the morning we went on a beach near Marriott hotel. The beach itself was so-so, but while we were there a giant sea turtle crawled out onto the beach from under the water. That was pretty cool.

Then we went to Hilton pools. We discovered an awesome water slide. I haven’t been on one in a long long time and Alёna probably hasn’t tried on before at all. We spent a lot of time in the jacuzzis, pools, water falls and water slides.

And in the evening we went to luau. We really wanted to do it because we regretted not going to one on our previous trip. But I guess our expectations were a bit high. Not that the food was bad, but Alёna can cook better pulled pork. And the show itself was rather primitive. Maybe 5 minutes of it was somewhat exciting — the belly-dancing and the fire throwing, but most of it was very repetitive and boring.

We got somewhat unlucky with the company at our table. We got seated across from a pair of kids so we had no-one to talked to. And on the next table from us there was a Japanese couple seated across from a pair of kids as well. But there is nothing we could do.

Monday… Well, I wrote about Monday in the previous post. It was really something. )

  1. Traditional Hawaiian dinner — pulled pork and a show. []
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