Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living Room Curtains

Living room with new curtains.One of the last touches for our new living room is a set of modern curtains. I think they look great, but we paid way too much money for them. You just know that when your curtains cost nearly as much as your whole wall unit or your new 46″ TV you’ve been screwed. But you either get something ugly, get nothing, or pay. That’s why we are sticking with blinds in the office and cheap, $90, Bed, Bath & Beyond curtains in the bedroom.

Curtain rod and curtain rings.We picked them up on Sunday and I custom cut and installed the curtain rods myself because the curtain people wanted another $120 for 30 minutes of easy work, freaking con-artists. There hasn’t been a sunny day in NYC since then, so the photo that I have has a rather gloomy look outside.
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