Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Besta Wall Unit Construction

Cheapest way to construct Besta wall unit.A bit more about the construction of our unit, in help to those who might want to recreate the same thing. There are multiple ways you can build this unit. The most obvious one is on the image above. It’s also is the cheapest1 way to go, as you need the fewer components then what we did.

The way we did it.One of our objectives, however, was to make as few holes as possible on our wall, to mount it, or none2 at all, which we did. Thus by spending a bit more money, we built it so the middle shelf is not handing in the air, but is actually supported by the side cabinets. I also did add several additional screws in between the top cabinets, but the weight that they have to support is much less then that a full shelf with stuff inside.

  1. $510 vs $620 for the frame. []
  2. This clearly goes against IKEA’s recommendation. []
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