Monday, October 19, 2009

Galactica, Furniture and More

Battlestar GalacticaThe weekend flew by so quickly. On Saturday we were chain-watching “Battlestar Galactica”. I know it sounds somewhat pathetic, but at least we did the laundry in the process (I always dread this chore). ) We felt so glued to the couch, that we even ordered pizza in as opposed to going out for dinner with some friends.

New winter jacket.Sunday was much more productive. We went hunting for furniture again — and as a result we are now the proud owners of a brown wooden coffee table and a brown leather couch. We also bough Danya a warm winter jacket which looks very stylish on my handsome husband. )

The new furniture will be delivered at the end of the next week, so now we need to quickly get rid of our current one. We’re thinking of simply donating it to one of the organizations which can pick it up — this way we’ll be able to at least write something off our taxes (unlike in case of just throwing it away).

Propolis and honey.The weather is pretty chilly. It was really cold at my work on Friday — I was literally shaking half the day. I’ve noticed that when I’m cold I become twice as whiny as normally. ) In hopes to stay healthy I’m taking propolis-honey paste twice a day — my mom believes it can strengthen immune system, so why not try it?

"Falcon and Swallow" book.I’ve started reading the newest B. Akunin’s novel “Sokol i Lastochka” (“Falcon and Swallow”). I used to like Akunin a lot, but this book seems a bit too simple. I guess, he just offers something to kill time and to relax without thinking too hard about philosophical questions or your own humanity. From what I see, the story here revolves around hidden treasures, corsairs and all such nonsense. )

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