Friday, March 27, 2009

Cycling Shoes

A couple of words about cycling shoes and clipless pedals for those wondering.

Cannondale cycling shoes.There are advantages to using clipless pedals over normal square platforms or those with toe clips. The name might be confusing since it was originally used to differentiate these from the older pedals with nylon straps that would clip your toe in. In reality you actually get your foot locked into the pedal, and you get out of it by twisting your foot outwards.

Shimano SPD clipless pedal.The benefits are the fact that your foot is safely attached to the pedal and will not get loose during gear shifts, bad patches of road, and so on. Also it allows you to transfer the power to the bike more efficiently. In addition the shoes have very hard soles with no flex, which means you don’t waste energy on compressing your shoes. These special shoes have cleats attached to the bottom and these cleats allow you to lock into the pedal.

SPD cleat.Of course the biggest problem for me is that you have to get used to them and remember that you’re attached to your bike and you can’t just jump off. So generally you end up paying for minor mistakes with blood and bruises, which I know, oh, too well. At least I come with a self-healing features, which can’t be said of my bike.
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