Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cycling — Day 2

Today the temperature was below freezing, but we couldn’t resist it and went cycling again. This time Alex went along with us on a mountain bike that my dad brought over from College of Staten Island.

This time around we went along the bicycle lane on Bedford Avenue and Ocean Parkway. I have to say that Bedford ride was very pleasing, but Ocean Parkway forced us to stop on every single light and wait for green. Very annoying. And to get to one or the other we had to ride on the string along with cars which wasn’t much fun either.

Also today I wore the shoes with clips for the first time and had 3 falls one of which was quite scary. First one I just stopped, thinking I need to unclip only one foot. Big mistake. I fell over as soon as I stopped. Second time was much worse. We had a minor collision with Alena and ended up being pushed over right on the right lane of Ocean Parkway with a fast moving traffic. I barely stopped myself from flying out on the edge of the sidewalk and quickly pulled my bike in. Several cars had stopped right in front of me.

Other than that we also met up with Misha on the way. So overall it was fun. I’m not sure that I’ll wear clip shoes again. Our total distance was 11.5 miles and we spent 2 and a half hours.
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