Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Cycling

Today can be considered as our first cycling run. The first actual one was about 2 weeks ago, but we didn’t get far as we were more getting a feel for the bikes than anything else.

Us in our cycling gear.Today we actually proceeded to follow ocean side bicycle path all the way to Floyd Bennett Field from our home. If iPhone’s RunKeeper is to be trusted it’s about 7 miles. The whole trip took us and hour and 20 minutes or so. We were taking it rather slow and we probably suck by any real cycling specifications. )

I have to say that the bike that Brian has landed to me and the one we bought for Alёna is like day and night. Brian’s bike is easy to get up to speed and maintain speed. Gear switching is also effortless. None of this is true about the other one. We switched several times though, so each one of us got to ride a good bike.

The weather is cold, but once it gets warmer we hope to do this more often. We also need to try to get Alёna a better bike.
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