Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moab, Utah — Day 4

This was the first day when we didn’t have to pack and move out to the next stop. Today was dedicated for local sight seeing and there was a lot to see.

Our first destination was Arches National Park. This is probably one of the most popular parks out there as the number of people here was much greater then at the previous parks that we visited. And there is a reason for that. I don’t think any words or pictures will do it justice.

Park Avenue at Arches National Park.We spent around 5 hours admiring the beauty of this park. First it starts off with huge vertical walls which are mountains. There is a point which is called Park Avenue, because it looks like the mountains are like a row of huge skyscrapers.

Then there are columns with huge boulders on them which just can’t possible be hanging on there, yet they are. One such point is appropriately called Balanced Rock.

Landscape Arch is the longest natural arch in the world.And then of course there are multiple arches. Arches National Park is a home to Landscape Arch. The span of the arch is over 290 feet, which makes it the longest natural arch in the world. There is a 1.5 miles hike to it, and even though the day was very hot we couldn’t pass up the chance to see that with our own eyes. The arch itself is very thin at this point and there seems to be a crack in it, so who knows for how long it will be around.

Delicate Arch is probably the most famous arch in the world. Note the size of the people in the photo.Delicate Arch is probably the most recognized natural arch. I imagined it to be much smaller then it really is. It’s about 52 feet tall. It’s depicted all over Utah, including license plates. We didn’t hike directly to the arch itself, but we went to an overlook point, which is across the canyon from the mountain on which the arch is located. Look at the size of the people on the photo to appreciate the real size of this one.

Tour on Colorado River.At this point our time was running out, as we had reserved a two hour jet-boat ride on Colorado River into the Canyonlands National Park. Originally we planned to go for 4 hours, but they only had 2 hour trips that day, which was a good thing. Even though the trip was very interesting and had many amazing views it gets pretty cold going at high speeds over water.

We saw multiple mountains, huge cliffs and arches. We saw people climbing some of those cliffs, we saw some of the hardest 4×4 trails and we saw an arch located on the top of the mountain which people ride bikes over. It’s hard to believe that there are people crazy enough to do all those things. I however can now proudly say that I actually did touch the waters of the mighty Colorado River.

This was yet another unforgettable day.

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