Monday, April 28, 2008

Second Day

Petrified log.Our vacation is amazing. Every day brings something completely new and unexpected. I see something and think — that’s it, this is the most amazing thing I’ve seen. Then the next day comes along and the same thing happens.

Arizona welcome center.On our second day we woke up early, drove through the downtown of Albuquerque and set on our way to Arizona. We kept stopping at different places and adding stamps to our National Park Passports. This day we were making a big detour to visit Petrified Forest National Park.

At Petrified Forest National Park.First of all it had really amazing landscapes. The landscape kept changing completely every 10 minutes. From bright red hills to dark black mountains with green and white lines to yellow dunes and so on.

They look like they are wooden splinters. But these are stones.But the most amazing part of the park was of course the petrified forest itself. Piles of logs and complete trees that turned to rock. At some places the ground was covered with splinters. Or so it appeared. Then you touch them and realize that they are all little rocks. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Road on the way to Cortez.Then we proceeded to drive to Cortez, Colorado. We drove trough the farthest corners of Arizona. Rural areas complete with huge fields of nothing and single tiny houses appearing every 10 minutes or so. Everything surrounded by the most amazing landscapes which again kept changing its appearance every so often.

We got to Cortez very late and sadly missed the Four Corners because of this. But we were our own tour guides, so we made a plan to come back.

Post written on April 22, 2008.
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