Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Rental Car

Trip OdometerWe just returned our car to Avis. It’s kind of sad to have this trip coming to an end. This car served us well. Our trip came out to 2,108 miles or 3,392 kilometers.

Buick LucerneIt’s funny how we got the car. I reserved a full size car, but when we got there I was told that the only full size car they had for out of state driving was a Hyundai. I was hoping for an Impala or a Charger. Not a Hyundai. So I went to check out all other rental companies (and there were a lot). Most of them just didn’t allow one way drives from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City. The only other one that did quoted us $1,100, when Avis was giving us $700.

So we figured Hyundai it is. When I got back to the counter they managed to rent out the Hyundai and now the only car they had was Buick Lucerne. Premium car for the price or regular. Needless to say I was very happy. Everyone really liked the car too. My mom kept calling it a Beautick by accident too, which is funny.

Anyhow, right now we’re going for the last walk of Salt Lake City and then we’re going home.

Update: The flight from Salt Lake City to New York was 2,037 miles. O.o Our drive was longer then our flight. shock
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