Friday, March 14, 2008

MacBook Pro is Here

Fifth Avenue Apple StoreToday I’ve met up with Alena after school near the local Apple store. I’ve got to give it to Apple — even the design of the store itself is nice.

Rubinary Blog on iPhoneNow this is going to be embarrassing — I touched the iPhone today, for the first time. teeth It is as nice as I thought it was. I was especially impressed with the keyboard. I was sure that you have to try to hit every letter multiple times to get it right. I was wrong. We typed in several sentences in English, and then several more in translit Russian. Not a single typo.

MacBook Pro BoxThen we proceeded to buy our first Mac. We went with a MacBook Pro with a glossy screen for $1,999. But with Alena’s student ID we got it for $1,799 + tax. So far “I like”.

Oh yeah, when I tried to load our blog on iPhone, it crashed Safari. mrgreen
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