Friday, March 7, 2008

Utah Road Trip

Utah TripWe have booked our mega road trip two days ago. It took us approximately 3 hours to do. If somebody will want to repeat this in the future below is a full plan1 of action.

On the morning of Friday, April 18th, we fly2 out to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We rent a car3 and proceed to drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We return to Albuquerque the same day and spend a night4 there.

In the morning we drive to Cortez, Colorado, making a stop at Four Corners — can’t pass up an opportunity to stand in 4 states at once. We spend a night5 in Cortez.

Next day we drive to Moab, Utah, where we are going to stay for 2 nights6. Once we arrive we watch a sun set at Arches National Park. Next morning we take a 4 hour boat tour7 of Canyonlands National Park via Colorado River.

Our next destination is Bryce, Utah, for 3 nights8. On our way there we’ll stop at Capitol Reef National Park. Than we’re going to visit Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park and possibly Cedar Breaks National Monument, depending on the weather.

And our last stop will be Salt Lake City, Utah. We’re going to stay here for 2 nights9 and will try to visit Great Salt Lake as well as tour Salt Lake City itself. We get back home late Sunday night.

Now this is the plan, but we’ll find out how it will actually go when we get there.

Update: Some post-trip updates on the prices. The car rental came out to $765, because we added 3rd party liability covarage. Gas was $320. And hotels added $23 and $36 in taxes for Moab and Bryce hotels respectively.

  1. Visit Google Maps for a larger map. Green pins are for the hotels, blue ones are for the points of interest and tour destinations. []
  2. Delta Air Lines, $397 per person, round trip. []
  3. Avis Rent A Car, estimated at $701 for the trip. []
  4. Hilton Albuquerque, $120 for the night. []
  5. Best Western Turquoise Inn & Suites, $118 for the night. []
  6. Moab Valley Inn, $179 for 2 nights. []
  7. Canyonlands by Night & Day, about $70 per person. []
  8. Ruby’s Inn, $267 for 3 nights. []
  9. Embassy Suites Salt Lake City, $268 for 2 nights. []

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