Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekend Getaway

We’ve planned another little mini-vacation for ourselves. Going to repeat one of our earlier trips — Atlantic City and Washington, DC. It’s one of the best routes that we can take on a car and should be very interesting to those who haven’t been to those places yet. This time it’s Vika and Ignat.

We’re taking off on early Thursday morning and going to Atlantic City first. We tried to add a little variation to the trip, so we’re going to be staying at Showboat, instead of Tropicana. In DC however we’re going to stay at the same hotel as last time. It’s hard to beat that location and a pool that’s open until midnight.

On Saturday evening we should be back in NYC. Sunday is designated as “Alena does her homework” day. As 18 credits in a semester is not an easy thing to pull off while maintaining 3.9 average.
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