Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lёnchik is Back

Lenchik MarineWe spent a whole evening yesterday talking to Lenchik. He’s done with a boot camp, and is a full fledged Marine now. We had a million of questions for him, and he had 2 million stories to tell. Needless to say we only got through a small portion of them.

In general he seems to like the whole military thing a lot. I think he’s got all the qualities to go very far there. All the commanding officers knew him well in the camp, and his fellow recruits voted him the best recruit.

One of the cool stories he told me was the one about his last day. After graduation he was standing around, waiting for someone. He sees 2 officers going by, so he greeted them. One run up to him and started talking to him. Only in a short while Lenchik realized that the guy had “only” a rank of General.

Lenchik MarineBy the end of the conversation a guy had told Lenchik that he’s in charge of a certain department and he wants Lenchik working for him. However a citizenship is required for that and Lenchik is just in the process of getting it. Then General gave Lenchik some medallion so Lenchik could look him up when he is ready.

He showed that thing to his Senior Drill Sergeant and was told to hang on to it. The he added: “Make sure to stay in touch with me. I know you’re going places.” That pretty much sums it up well. All the stories that he told us just confirm what we already knew – Lenchik has got some major people skills.

Well, I for one am very happy that he found something that he wants and likes to do. I wish him all the best, and I do think he will go far, God willing.
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