Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Continental DivideIt’s the end of the last day of our vacation in Colorado. We’ve haven’t been keeping the blog up to date because there really was no free time at all. Each day was filled with so much activities that we barely had enough time to sleep.

We spent two days in Breckenridge. We ended up in a really awesome resort. I’ll just say that it had 3 pools, 8 jacuzzis and our room had a fireplace and a balcony. We originally planned to stay there for a day, but we decided to extend the stay.

On our way there Eldar took a scenic route through the Rocky Mountains National Park. There are so many beautiful views there that we ended up with over 300 pictures. We’ve spent several hours trying to trim the collection up as much as possible before uploading it.

In Boulder Eldar’s parents were really great. It always is such a pleasure to stay at their house. They are probably the most hospitable people I know.

P.S. We’ll try to make more posts about this trip later with more details.
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