Sunday, July 15, 2007

The City of Manhattan

Us at Vika'sYou can often hear a term “the city” from new yorkers. It takes some time to figure out that by “the city” they mean specifically Manhattan, and by no means Brooklyn, Queens, or Bronx. I’m sure that no-one would argue that every borough has it’s character (or energy, or flavor, or mood – whatever description fits your understanding of it).

For me Manhattan is more busy, snobby, festive, loud, expensive, bright, or in other words more crazy than Brooklyn (where as you all know we happened to live). I’m not sure that I would want to live in Manhattan even if the property there wasn’t so expensive. One thing is work, and another is serenity of one’s home.

Vika and SergeiWe have a couple of friends though who just moved to Manhattan and really love it! Tonight they invited us for dinner and we had a great time! Hope they will continue to enjoy living in the city and will eventually buy an apartment of their own.
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