Monday, June 18, 2007

Epic Flying Mount

Epic Flying MountBack to the topic of Warcraft. During the 2nd half of March Dnevnoi Dozor crumbled and shattered into nothing. Everything and everyone started running in all possible directions, so there are only 3 members in the guild now: Alena, Maruk and me. We’re basically back to where we started. Eldar left for Devil’s Horde and is currently running all their raids full time.

Alena and I canceled our accounts altogether back then, but I’ve been playing a bit lately. Leveling a couple of alts (primary my hunter, who I find a lot of fun), and Alena have been helping me with different stuff.

A week ago I got back on my warrior, run a couple of instances and did some quests with Eldar to improve my tanking gear. However what got me most excited during the past week is the fact that it actually became possible to get an epic flying mount (280% speed increase) which costs 5,000 gold. I remember struggling at putting together 1,000 gold for our land epic mounts, and now this. Anyhow, the speed at which I was able to collect it was nothing short of amazing, first of all to myself. I started with 1,700 and was at 5,000 at the end of Saturday.

Money For Flying MountWhat I did was very simple: I farmed and farmed for adamantite ore which I proceeded to break up into gems (JC Prospecting). On average I think I was about to get at least 1 rare gem out of 4 tries, which would sell for 60 – 70 gold each. In addition to that Alena helped me farm fire and air primals, which would sell for 30 gold each. And then we used her alchemy transmutation abilities to create several Earthstorm Diamonds, which sold for over a 100 gold each, which very minimal investment. Jewel crafting prospecting was the main part of it though.

So now I’m a proud owner of a Swift Red Windrider. I thought that I was going to wait for the Netherdrake, but it became quite clear that the reputation grind is going to take quite a while, me being a protection warrior. I can’t kill anything at all. Granted, they can’t kill me either, but that doesn’t get me very far. I think I’m going respect Arms for this grind if I want to achieve anything. Fury, even though my favorite, is too gear dependent, and gear I don’t have. So Netherdrake is my next objective.

P.S. Today I finally got my Karazhan key, thanks to Eldar and his friends from Devil’s Horde.
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