Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jewelcrafting & Mining

Fel Iron in Outlands (Hellfire Peninsula)I’m having a lot of fun leveling a new profession in the expansion. Before I never really got any use of any professions and never got it to any high level (blacksmithing), so I decided to drop it and go for Jewelcrafting. Wanted to do something that not only I would benefit from, but also my friends and guildies. I bought a lot of materials before the expansion came out and was able to get it to 300 on the first day.

After that was done we ventured into Outlands and started questing. With questing I was trying to mine, but there were no mines to be found. Too many people wanting the same thing made leveling further impossible. One of the guildies (Volltok) gave me a great tip about finding Fel Iron Ore. The portal into Outlands was the answer. The area around it has no mobs and is full of mines. Most people get there and leave right away by taking a flight. However I don’t know how long this will stay a secret, so if you need Fel Iron, try checking that area out.

I’m using Gatherer to make the note of all the nodes and then just ride in circles. You can usually get a lot of ore very quickly and skill up your mining as well. I’m at 375 now, by primarily hitting the nodes around that area.

The Jewelcrafting however is stuck at 345 at the moment. There is hard spot to get through. All the stone cutting recipes end on 325 and the next time you can get any useful skills are at 350. So I’m almost there, even though it’s taking me about 15 gems to get a single skill up. Either way, so far it’s been fun, doing something new.
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