Friday, November 3, 2006

World of Warcraft TCG

World of Warcraft Trading Card GameWith us trying several board games lately, I’ve run (so to speak) into another kind of popular non-computer gaming: trading card games. The reason it caught my attention this time around is because a World of Warcraft one was release, and I saw some information about it on WoW official site.

To make long story short I bought a couple of starter kits (for Alёna, myself and one other person) and a bunch of booster cards for that other person. Now in the past 3 days I’ve been trying to read the rules book over and over again, trying to understand how it works.

The fact that I never played any games of this kind before makes it a bit complicated the first time around, so I asked a bunch of “noob” questions on one of the sites dedicated to the new game ( The members of the forum were kind enough to reply with a number of detailed responses. I figured I’ll post the short Q & A session that resulted here, to help other like myself.
Q: Rule book says that the deck should have at least 60 cards. Yet they say that originally we should not mix the pre-set hero deck with anything. I’m assuming it means that we should try to play with 30 card deck originally to make the game simpler to understand? Basically don’t pay attention to 60 card rule while you’re learning? Or did I misunderstand it?
A: Correct, that is just basically so you understand the basics. The starter deck contents are made to be playable out of the box. As such it will be easier to learn with them remaining unmodified.

Q: Resources is the way to pay for the use of other cards. Is the idea that I should select the most useless cards in my hand to put down as resources, since they will be used as currency and nothing else?
A: Yes, either that or quests. Quests are made to go into the resource row to be useful. If you have a quest in your hand always put it in the resource row, but if you don’t just pick your most useless card.

Q: Pay for actions: if the card that I want to use costs 3 resources does that mean that I have to exhaust the card that also costs 3 in my resource area, or does it mean that I have to exhaust 3 cards, and the values on resource cards have no meaning? I’m thinking it’s the latter, but having seen cards that have a cost of 9 makes me wonder if I’m right.
A: Any card in your resource area, except quests, are placed face down. Each one, including quests, counts for 1 resource. Once a non-quest card is in your resource area it’s values have no meaning anymore. So if my ability costs 4, I need to exhaust 4.

Q: Double use of cards: I’ll use weapon as an example. I saw cards that have 2 uses for them. Basically the primary use as a weapon, and then some special ability. How are those used? I can pick either one, but not both, correct? For example, if I strike with a weapon, the card becomes exhausted. So at this point I would not be able to use the special ability, correct? And vice verse, if I used some special ability, I can not use the weapon to strike with?
A: You are partially correct here. To Strike with a weapon the weapon must be ready (not exhausted). If a weapon has a special ability the weapon doesn’t necessary have to be ready to use that special ability. You can use any weapons special ability if it is exhausted as long as the ability doesn’t require you to exhaust the weapon. For example the Headmasters Charge is a staff that can be used to strike with and use its special ability. It doesn’t have to exhaust to use the special ability so this is okay. But if the special ability require you to exhaust the weapon than you must choose either to strike with it or use the special ability.

Q: If I’m totally confused with the above and I’m misunderstanding it: maybe striking with a weapon doesn’t make the card exhausted? If that’s the case I can use it as many times as I can pay for the use? Can I still strike with it after I used the special ability of the card and it has become exhausted?
A: Strike with a weapon requires you to exhaust it so you can only do that once. Now what matters is what the special ability requires you do to pay its cost. If the special ability on the weapon requires you to exhaust your hero or the weapon then you with have to choose to strike with the weapon or use the ability.

Q: Sometimes special abilities seem to have cost and sometimes they do not. Does it mean that if there is no number in a circle in the power (special ability) box, then I can just exhaust the card and use it without paying? I only pay for the time when I place the card itself in the play area?
A: If the card has no number in the circle, then it has no resource cost to use it. However, you only exhaust the cards to use their game text when that card specifically tells you to.

Q: Hero special powers. Can I use Hero’s special power once per game, or once per turn? In other words if I use the hero power and flip the card, does it get reset at the start of the next round, or no?
A: Once per game, currently once a Hero is flipped there is no way to reset them. If you flip your hero it stays face-down until the end of the game.

Q: If you have more then 7 cards in your hand at then end of the turn you must discard cards until you have 7. Do I pick which ones to discard? Also where do they go? Back into the deck? Graveyard? Out of the game stack?
A: You choose, and they go to the discard.

Q: Getting cards ready: do players get their cards back into the ready state at the beginning of every turn or only at the beginning of their own turn? So for example if Hero used a weapon to attack once it gets exhausted. Then the other player attacks that hero in his/her turn, is the weapon still exhausted (to strike back) or was it reset back to ready?
A: Only at the beginning of their own turn. So if you want to strike back with a hero you can’t use his weapon on your turn.

Q: In the action phase there is one step where players can place a resource. Can that resource be placed as the first step of actions phase and then be used for costs, or it HAS to happen only after the Play Cards and Use Powers steps? If so, can it be still used as means of payment for the upcoming attacks?
A: You can do anything in the action phase in any order. So you can play an ally, play a resource, attack with an ally, play an ability, play another ally, attack with another ally, etc.
We are going to try to have our first match tonight, after work and see if we get the rules and if the game is a fun one to play.
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