Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wedding: Incoming!

Luxor EntranceAfter months of deliberation, research, head spinning and confusion we finally have made some major decisions. We know when and where it’s going to happen. teeth

About an hour ago we made hotel reservations and bought plane tickets. We’re flying out on November 21st to Las Vegas. The hotel that we picked is Luxor.

We are not exactly sure where the wedding itself is going to happen, but our plan at the moment is The Chapel at Luxor on November 23rd. We’re going to have a civil ceremony, since Alёna is Catholic, I am Jewish and when it comes down it to we’re not religious.

There is still a lot to decide and to do, but I think this was the major issue that needed resolution. Either way, we’re finally going to be married in less then 3 months! mrgreen
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