Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Canada: Incoming!

PassportWe’re almost definitely going to Canada! Barring some kind of really bad thing happening, but let’s hope for the best. This is going to be our first trip with Alena that’s going to take us beyond the lands of this beautiful country. Alena’s got her visa this week from Canadian consulate (and we were already starting to lose hope), I’ve got my “visa” in the form of U.S. passport, we reserved a very nice 4 star hotel with a view of Niagara Falls from the window and I even fixed some problems with the car that I’ve been neglecting for a year or so.

Weather forecast seems to be changing all the time now, but no matter how it goes, this trip is bound to be fun. I just hope they are going to let us back into this country. )

We’ve been saying that we want to go somewhere together with my parents for quite some time now, but now we’re actually doing it. In the hotel we reserved a 1 bedroom suite, and it’s going to fit all of us perfectly.

The plan for this trip is as follows: leave NYC on Friday night, and get to Niagara Falls by 2am (maybe a bit later). Sleep for some good amount of time and spend the whole day at Niagara Falls. Check out the Falls themselves, do some swimming in the hotel pools, enjoy the night life and so on. Next day we’re planning to go to Toronto. One must see thing is a CN Tower. Anyhow, this is the general line up, but we’ll throw more spontaneous things into the mix for sure. )

On the other topic, I officially turned 26 about 4 minutes ago. Initially I thought I will resist opening up my present until tomorrow, but now I’m thinking I might not able to hold up for that long. mrgreen I thought I don’t have anything to photograph with it. Yes, I know what I’m getting, I ordered it myself after all. Alena did hide it from me however for until today.

Well, I figured I could take a picture of the present itself. It’s a Sigma Zoom Super Wide Angle 10-20mm f/4-5.6D EX DC HSM Autofocus Lens.

Birthday PresentHmm, on the other hand, after seeing the present all wrapped up on my bedside table, I decided to resist opening it until tomorrow! 8)
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